Work to Do

The version I know is from the AWB album from The Average White Band. But it was written by the Isley Brothers.

I decided to listen to my iPod on the way to work. I wasn't missing much as on the King Fahd Road all you can hear is car engines and incessant beeping horns and in the residential area I walk through the only sound is from a building site about half way to work where they are using pneumatic drills constantly.

All I seem to do here is work. I'm on various ex-pat blog sites and all the rest of the foreign community seem to spend their time looking for ways to meet and drink (wait for it...) coffee. That and wonder can they leave the country with car-loans and unpaid credit cards.

From this you could gather that I don't have a hectic social life here. Did I have one back in Dublin? No! So in reality, not a lot has changed.

Some people live to work, some work to live. I thought I was the latter. Turns out it is the former. Oh dear!