Hi Ho Silver

Jim Diamond R.I.P.

My son Sam said something to me yesterday.

"Dress for the job you want, not the job you have"

I thought I knew just about every aphorism going, but that was a new one on me.

But it is something I am applying at the moment.

Work to Do

The version I know is from the AWB album from The Average White Band. But it was written by the Isley Brothers.

I decided to listen to my iPod on the way to work. I wasn't missing much as on the King Fahd Road all you can hear is car engines and incessant beeping horns and in the residential area I walk through the only sound is from a building site about half way to work where they are using pneumatic drills constantly.

The place is pretty deserted

I went into the office today to get a spreadsheet that I have been working on. There was nobody in the office. I know it is a holiday but I was kind of surprised that there was nobody; apart from the rather startled security guard.

I am looking for somewhere to live and so I have been working on a spreadsheet with all the compounds that I can find out about. When I have that information gathered I can make some sort of informed choice.

Am I really that organised?

Return to sender

Elvis Presley

Address unknown. Or in my case, packet loss.

Trying to watch the rugby via a VPN home. Oh that was a lost cause. I watched the whole of the Ireland-Canada match and saw about 2/3 of it. The rest was restarting the stream and/or the ssh.

I use plex to stream video from my home server. That does a much better job of dealing with packet loss. Maybe tv3 should invest in some free software :-)

Chasing Cars

Snow Patrol

Boy do they like their cars here in Saudi.
A bit like in Australia.
See, I get around!

You have the usual smattering of S-class mercs and G-wagons.
But the number of white Hyundai's is staggering.

And the number of dings on the cars is also staggering.
Rules of the road. What are they?

Please please help me now

Duran Duran

I read a lot of tech sites. Arstechnica, Engadget, Gizmodo.
But you read a story.
And then at the end are images and catchy titles like "20 plastic surgeries that went horribly wrong".
So you click on one because you are bored.
And the the content to advertising goes to zero.
And you promise yourself that you won't do that again.

Until the next time.

Songs in the Key of Life

I have been using the journey into work to think about these blog entries.
I look at something along the way and this starts a chain of thought.
Invariably, a song pops into my head.
I suspect this is how Jerry Bruckheimer et. al. come up with the title music of the CSI shows.


There are two TV channels that I can find which are in English.
One is Saudi-2, which is a mix of educational, travelogue and occasional entertainment programmes.
The other is Fox Movies.

The latter repeats films quite a bit. Just how many times can you watch Independence Day?

I have a lot of stuff at home on my server, but the bandwidth is pretty poor here.

However today I found that if I set the quality down really low I can at least watch it.

This is a major step forward.

Baked beans on (untoasted) toast

My first cooked meal. Boy did they taste good. I always did like then.

Obviously I am going to have to branch out, but it was a start.

It's hot, but it's a dry heat

So the saying goes.

But any way you look at it, it is hot here. 41C today.
Walked to the local supermarket to get supplies.
Coming back to a cool room was pretty nice.


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